Family planning

I have carried out a substantial amount of work on family planning, focusing upon both the socio-cultural challenges and health systems barriers associated with addressing unmet need. I have done extensive work on public-private partnerships using Total Market Approaches, subsidies and franchising. I am particularly interested in adolescent access to family planning services (and especially to LARCs) and in family planning and reproductive health service provision in emergency settings. My recent work with FP2020 and the Population Council has assessed the causes and consequences of contraceptive discontinuation and reviewed ways of supporting women’s sustained use.

I have evaluated family planning programmes and looked closely at their integration with MCH and HIV services as well as assessing quality assurance. I am mindful of how provision may need to reflect clandestine use in low prevalence settings and in the face of male disapproval. In addition, I have also carried out secondary analysis of Demographic and Health Survey data to look at trends in use, provision and method mix. I have also reviewed the wider impact of family planning use on reducing childhood mortality and malnutrition and on increasing women's autonomy and economic activities.




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